Lamyaa El-Gabry ,Ph.D.

lamyaa el-gabry

Industry , Government and Consulting

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I was a Ventilation & Heat Transfer Engineer and 330H Project Engineer at GE Energy Generator Technology Department in Schenectady, NY from Oct 2000 to September 2003. In this role, I

  • Developed and improved advanced analysis design tools used in flow and thermal analysis of generator rotors. Validated design tools with test data and CFD results.
  • Improved ventilation design methods through developing design practices for modeling complex flow and thermal networks. Implemented and drove use of tools on New Product Introduction (NPI) design programs. Supported and trained new users in use of advanced analysis tools.
  • Led rotor ventilation design on the 330H hydrogen cooled generator. Activities include 3D thermal (ANSYS) and fluid dynamics modeling (YFT & CFD) of the rotor.
  • Led overall ventilation and heat transfer design of 450 MW generator. Developed cooling design concepts for the rotor, stator, fan, and other parts of the ventilation network.
  • Planned & coordinated testing to validate heat transfer design method and tools and develop ideas for improving machine thermal performance through heat transfer augmentation.
  • Managed cross-functional team of suppliers, manufacturing, engineering, and researchers at GE Global Research as Project Engineer.
  • Responded to field issues related to thermal performance of generators as needed.
  • Coordinated design and tool development activities with Engineering Analysis Center of Excellence (EACoE), a global partner in India. Mentored EACoE engineers in successful execution of Six Sigma projects.
  • Led Design for Six Sigma project which was nominated for Generator Technology Project of Month
  • Awarded “Best In Class” distinction for project on development of rotor cooling design practice.

I was part of the Edison Engineering Development Program at GE Energy. Part of this program includes rotations across multiple organizations within GE.

I was a Gas Fuel & Combustion System Controls Engineer in the Controls, Accessories, and Systems Engineering (CASE) Group at GE Energy in Schenectady, NY from June 1999 – January 2000. In this role, I

  • Developed control logic for Dry Low Nox Combustion system for the 9H gas turbine. This involved logic development, module testing, and simulation on the Mark VI control panel.
  • Developed and tested logic for sequencing, combustion mode transfers, fuel scheduling, purging, and other functions related to the control of the DLN combustion system.
  • Followed DFSS process to design robust control algorithm that could be leveraged in other Mark VI applications and simulations
  • Received Corporate Recognition Award for Advanced Controls Development

I was a Gas Turbine Design Engineer in the Steam Cooled Gas Turbine Engineering Group at GE Energy in Schenectady, NY from August 1998 – June 1999. In this role, I

  • Led flow & thermal design of 7H steam-cooled gas turbine bucket through Conceptual Design. Designed bucket to withstand high firing temperatures within flow and pressure drop limits while ensuring Low Cycle Fatigue life requirements are met. 
  • Modeled flow and thermal circuit of the gas turbine bucket using ANSYS, YFT, CALIDE, TBGEOM, Bez-Cav, SIESTA, and other gas turbine design codes. Analyzed thermal and mechanical stress and optimized single crystal orientation of casting to optimize LCF life. Modeled various details including flow turn losses, producibility and performance of features such as turbulators and trailing edge cooling holes.  Developed codes to automate design procedure using FORTRAN and EASY-OPT resulting in $25K cost savings.
  • Calibrated flow analyses methods using test data on similar buckets; researched open literature as well as GE design practices for modeling recommendations and test data.
  • Received Corporate Recognition Award for Steam Cooled Gas Turbine bucket design.
  • Received Power Award for completion of Six Sigma projects on LCF life optimization and bucket design process development and automation.

I was a Mechanical Engineer in Power Plant Engineering at GE Energy in Schenectady, NY from June 1997 – September 1997. In this role, I

  • Designed fuel forwarding and fuel filtering skids for various power plant projects. Responsible for writing equipment specifications, evaluating bids, selecting equipment for the skids, and creating various drawings.
  • Automated generation of drawings as part of a product structuring effort. Worked as member of task force to reduce cycle time of combined cycle power plants
  • Supported proposals for liquid and dual fuel power plant projects as well as Conversions, Modifications, and Uprates (CM&Us)

I was a Mechanical Engineer in the Fluid Mechanics Lab in Energy & Propulsion Technologies at GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York from September 2003 – August 2006. In this role, I

  • Developed design tools for aero and heat transfer analysis of gas turbine blades and vanes for power and aviation. Tools include mesher, in-house solver, and in-house postprocessor. Used tools in the design of the CFM56 turbine. (View Research Paper)
  • Studied blade tip configurations using in-house CFD tools to determine the feasibility of an uncooled blade tip for a steam-cooled gas turbine design. (View Research Paper)
  • Designed and analyzed the aerothermal behavior in the under-cowl region of the GE 90 aircraft engine. Developed a new suite of tools and methods for post-processing and understanding the results.
  • Developed experimental test rig for measuring detailed heat transfer on impingement-cooled surfaces including innovative brazed micro-turbulator surfaces.

I was a Heat Transfer Research Engineer in the Mechanical Systems Lab Thermal & Fluid Systems Program at GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York from Jan 2000 – Oct 2000 as one of the Edison Engineering Development Program rotations. In this role, I

  • Conducted scientific research to understand the effect of various parameters on impingement heat transfer effectiveness. Responsibilities included developing project proposal, designing and building test apparatus, instrumentation, calibration, data collection and analysis.  This data was later used to validate CFD models of impinging jets. (View Research Paper)
  • Awarded US Patent No 6585408 Apparatus for Measuring Local Heat Transfer Distribution on a Surface
  • Supported shroud heat transfer tests for GE Aviation and performed analysis and communicated results & recommendations of the 7FB nozzle cast bump tests to GE Energy design engineers.
  • Received Corporate Recognition Award for Experimental Heat Transfer Research

I was a Principal Engineer/Consultant in the Heat Transfer group at Solar Turbines in San Diego, C from Jun 2017 – Mar 2018. In this role, I

  • Trained engineers at Solar Turbines in topics in gas turbine heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Modeled using CFD the flow and heat transfer on a film cooled vane to understand and explain an experimental anomaly observed during testing. Work published and presented at international peer reviewed conference. (View Research Paper)

I was a Visiting Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology Energy Technology Department in Stockholm, Sweden from October 2000 – September 2003. I worked on testing the nozzle guide vane of a gas turbine sponsored with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Finspong, Sweden.  In this role, I 

  • Conducted experimental research on hub cooling film cooling flow within an annular vane cascade for an industrial gas turbine (View Research Papers)
  • Delivered seminar and one-on-one discussions with Siemens Engineers in Finspong on film cooling aerodynamics and heat transfer. 

I was a Research Fellow at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio for five summers from 2007-2015. In this role, I

  • Developed computational heat transfer models for film cooling flows and analyzed unsteady flows using NASA GlennHT CFD code. (View Research Papers)
  • Measured and analyzed experimental aerothermal data on film cooling including detailed turbulence measurements that were novel and extensive and serve as validation data for the research community (View Research Paper)
  • Characterized seal whiskers as part of a biomimicry project. Analyzed whisker geometry and surface details. Measured using Particle Image Velocimetry the flow field in the wake of simulated whiskers of varying morphology.

I was a Research Fellow in the Propulsion Directorate of the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio the summer of 2009 and continued to complete the work off-base beyond that. In this role, I conducted experimental research on pulsating film cooling that challenged existing findings in the literature. Detailed thermal measurements were published in a refereed journal and conference. (View Research Paper)

I was a Consultant for Xzero AB, a company in Stockholm, Sweden from 2010-2012. In this role, I

  • Designed water desalination plant using waste heat to operate a membrane distillation system for factory in Saudi Arabia.
  • Post-processed field performance data on existing membrane distillation product and published paper with findings.(View Research Paper)

I was an Expert Witness for the US Department of Justice International Trade Field Office from April 2018 – March 2020. The defendant in the case was Moen Inc and the dispute was related to shower system. In this role, I

  • Reviewed the case and provided Expert Opinion on a topic related to fluid mechanics machinery
  • Deposed for several hours by Defendant on expert testimony