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MAE 228 Energy Technology for the 21st Century

MAE 221 Thermodynamics

MAE 224 Integrated Engineering Science Lab

ENGR 261 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

MENG 365 Applied Thermodynamics

Unsolicited feedback from students

In the Summer 2010, I taught a fluid mechanics course to students from Northeastern University.  This was part of an intensive program of study in Cairo.  

Northeastern University students in intensive fluid mechanics course

Below are comments extracted from a thank you card that the students gave me at the end of the course.  The comments are reproduced without omission or correction.

“Thank you for being such a great teacher to us.  Hope to see you again!  I love Reynolds #” 

“I wish NU had two Fluids courses like AUC so we could have all this fun all over again!”

 “Thank you for making it possible to learn fluids in 14 days.  Please come visit Boston!”

“You were so great!! Please come and visit us Salam!”

“Thanks for making this course happen in two weeks.  What a task.  Thanks again”

Thank you so much!  This was a great course! Come visit us next time you’re in the U.S.!

“Thanks for making this intensive course seem easier than it should have been”

Student Letters

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Dareen Salama, AUC Class of 2009

Ahmed Akram Makhlouf, AUC Class of 2010

Khaled Metwally, AUC Class of 2010

Hayden Burt, Princeton University Class of 2022

Adhitya Raghavan, Princeton University Class of 2020

Jivahn Moradian, Princeton University Class of 2020

Joshua Coleman, Princeton University Class of 2022